Filippo Rossi

Filippo Rossi has been a reference Coach and Master Trainer for over 25 years for many professionals who have benefited from his ideas, techniques and advice to improve the quality of their lives. After practising and delving deep into the ancient art of the Meditation of Presence for many years, he developed a real path of awareness for the evolution of people.

Filippo Rossi - Docente del corso
Foto corso meditazione della presenza

Sharon Rombaldoni

After dedicating her life to expressive contemporary dance for many years, in 2017 she began to organise Relaxation and Meditation of Presence courses. Her courses are very popular, and in recent years she has deepened the study of inner and outer movement and founded the master programme in Meditation of Presence with Filippo Rossi.

Sharon Rombaldoni - Docente del corso