Marchio - Meditazione della presenza

master programme in

of presence®

An extraordinary tool
to improve your own life
and that of others.

Master in

della presenza

Uno strumento straordinario
per migliorare la propria vita
e quella degli altri.

Master programme in
of presence
An extraordinary tool to improve your own life and that of others.
a master’s programme?

Since the dawn of time, every tradition, every people, every culture, every religion, have offered the practice of meditation to their students, followers or disciples.

Because meditation is the first and only tool that can fulfil three fundamental functions in the life of an ordinary person, that is, someone who has not yet begun the work of research and development of their talents. So what are the effects of meditation?

1_ It teaches you to restrain inner and outer chaos and confusion;
2_ It helps and stimulates the processes of thought and intuition;
3_ It produces the inner qualities and preconditions necessary for your own evolution.

For these valid reasons, we decided to offer a Master in “Meditation of Presence®”

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it is about

The aim of the ‘meditation of presence®’ master course is to train teachers in the ancient art of meditation and, more specifically, in the discipline of the ‘meditation of presence’, which is the most ancient practice and the basis of every type and form of meditation existing todae.

the benefits

of the practice

La ‘meditazione della presenza®’ aiuta i praticanti a sviluppare
la propria capacità di vivere l’attimo presente.
In particolar modo essa:

  • Riattiva la memoria e produce
    una maggior chiarezza mentale;
  • Eleva lo spirito fino al contatto
    con la propria “anima”;
  • Espande la sensibilità personale;
  • Permette di ritrovare equilibrio, armonia e bellezza;
  • Riduce la manifestazione e i problemi derivanti dall’espressione di emozioni negative;
  • Migliora lo stato di salute fisico, emotivo e mentale;
  • Allevia ed elimina lo stress ed aumenta
    la produttività in ogni ambito;
  • Potenzia le capacità di concentrazione
    e di sviluppo della mente intuitiva.
and qualifications

The Master in the  “Meditation of Presence®” consists of seven years of training organised as follows:

The first year includes 5 weekends in which, in addition to the practice of the Meditation of Presence®, practitioners will learn the historical, physiological, emotional, rational and spiritual aspects of this type of meditation.

Each year there is also an in-depth training weekend during which teachers will share the higher levels of the practice. Year after year, students are awarded a diploma of competence,

The Meditation of Presence® trainer qualification and the ten paper guides provide the necessary training material to teach the Meditation of Presence® to others.

Thanks to our diploma and the paper guides, each student will be able to develop their own training courses and promote this practice with knowledge and competence, by teaching and initiating other students into the oldest evolutionary tool that exists, helping many people, in this troubled historical time, to find balance, harmony and beauty in their lives.

Foto corso meditazione della presenza
the course

Price of the master
The price of the master is £2400 + VAT and includes the 5 training weekends, the international diploma and the paper guides to practice and teach.

Board and lodging costs are not included.
In case you book a room in our facilities, there is a 50% discount on the accommodation.

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If you bring a friend with you, you will both receive a 20% discount on the master in the Meditation of Presence.

This promotion is available only for the online enrollment of people who have never attended the courses offered by Wayky Srl.

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